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Member Services

Your account. Your way.

We make it easy to manage your account.

AgSouth Farm Credit offers convenient services to help you manage your time and money, even when life is at its busiest.

Contact your loan officer for information and questions about the services on this page.


As an AgSouth member, you can obtain current account information, check your account history, download your loan activity statement and even make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through AccountAccess. 

To sign up for AccountAccess please follow the steps below:
1. First read sign-up instructions, click here.
2. After you read instructions, you can sign up here.

Easily access your account on the go with our AgSouth Farm Credit Mobile app for iPhone and Android.

AgSouth Farm Credit Mobile App

Do everything you can do in AccountAccess when you're away from your computer. Obtain current account information, check your account history, download your loan activity statement and even make payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now with fingerprint and facial recognition for extra security.

Sign up online for AccountAccess first and then download AgSouth Farm Credit Mobile app from your smartphone.


AutoBorrow creates a seamless connection between your Farm Credit loan and Bank of America account. It automatically transfers funds between your loan and your checking account to ensure you achieve the maximum return on your money every day.


AutoDraft is the easy way to pay your AgSouth Farm Credit loan at no cost to you. Your payment is made for you automatically, and AutoDraft electronically deducts your loan installment from your bank account each time it's due. There’s no check to write, no stamp to lick and one less to-do on your list.


FastCash is the safe, dependable way to withdraw funds from your line of credit loan with a simple phone call to your local office or through AgSouth's AccountAccess. We’ll electronically transfer funds from your line of credit to your checking or savings account for no additional charge.


AgSweep manages your funding and repayment needs by linking your line of credit to a Wells Fargo checking account, ultimately maximizing daily cash flow. Contact your credit office for requirements.

Member Referral Program

Strengthen your Association and the potential for future patronage distributions, and receive cash! Simply refer a customer to AgSouth Farm Credit, and if your referral results in a new business relationship (loan or lease of $10,000 or more), we’ll mail you a check for $100! Home loans closed through our Secondary Mortgage Market division that are subject to RESPA are ineligible for this program.

Refer Someone to AgSouth Farm Credit