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Patronage Program

Sharing profits with our members

As a cooperative, AgSouth is owned by our member-borrowers. One of the most important financial benefits is sharing in the profits of the association through our patronage program. Patronage reduces the cost of borrowing by returning a portion of our net income to our borrowers based on the proportion of interest paid on their loan and total interest earned by the association.

AgSouth Farm Credit patronage distribution history

We have a strong history of being able to return a portion of our profits to our members, and have done so consecutively since 1988.

Fiscal Year  Total Distribution Cash Allocated Surplus Surplus Distributed % of Interest Earned
1988-2009 $365,182,377 $109,743,595 $255,438,782 $255,438,782 24.71%
2010 $26,252,084 $7,875,627 $18,376,457 $18,144,178 24.62%
2011 $27,944,775 $8,383,432 $19,561,343 $20,127,762 24.62%
2012 $27,911,845 $8,373,552 $19,538,293 $19,295,520 28.01%
2013 $29,307,209 $8,792,163 $20,515,046 $20,078,458 29.30%
2014 $29,921,281 $8,976,385 $20,944,896 20,944,896 31.41%
2015 $26,454,596 $7,936,379 $18,518,217   27.52%
2016 $28,480,210 $8,544,051 $19,936,159   28.22%
2017 $32,381,292 $9,714,388 $22,666,904   30.88%
2018 $34,154,537 $10,246,361 $23,908,176   29.80%
Total $627,990,206 $188,585,933 $439,404,273 $354,029,596 27.91%
(Average since 1988)

Since 1988, AgSouth has returned more than $542,615,529 in cash and allocated surplus distributed as cash!”

*For the years 1988-2009, amounts shown are on a consolidated basis for comparative purposes. Due to various mergers during this period, the actual interest earned percentages differ from the consolidated percentages reflected. Patronage distribution is subject to board approval and is not guaranteed or implied.

Patronage economic impact

See how patronage cash-back profits can make an economic impact in your area.

Georgia South Carolina
Baxley: $1,164,021 Aiken: $599,052
Blackshear: $1,561,910 Allendale: $893,916
Carrollton: $734,958 Anderson: $1,959,806
Douglas: $2,014,685 Batesburg: $1,763,267
Greenville: $1,362,885 Camden: $869,775
Griffin: $473,856 Laurens: $1,824,726
Jesup: $502,490 Orangeburg: $1,192,323
Madison: $2,720,161 Rock Hill: $1,388,857
Statesboro: $2,030,959 Spartanburg: $1,228,096
Sylvania: $497,679 St. Matthews: $352,547
Thomaston: $984,272 Summerville: $1,079,512
Vidalia: $959,952 Walterboro: $826,476

Patronage FAQ

Do you have questions about patronage distributions? Get answers to the most commonly asked questions here:

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