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AGAware Workshops

Educating the next generation

AGAware® Farm Financing Workshops

Are Your Farm Finances on Course? As a farmer (and CEO of your business), managing your finances can be a challenge. But for long-term success, it may be the most important thing you do. Our award-winning AGAware Workshops give you the tools you need to keep better records and know your profit margins so that you can make informed farming decisions.

Farm finance tools you learn:

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Business planning & budgeting
  • Family finance
  • Risk management
  • Accrual income
  • Applying for finance
  • FSA/SBA & other programs

Earn FSA Direct Borrower Training Credits!* See bottom of page for more details. 

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2023 AGAware® Workshop Dates


ArtsXchange Cultural Center

2148 Newnan Street in East Point

In partnership with:




Phillips Market Center, SC Dept of Ag

117 Ballard Court


Our friends at AgGeorgia are hosting an AGAware® workshop in their territory. To register for this specific workshop please visit here. 

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For additional questions, please contact Heather Brannen at or call 844.AGSOUTH.

*FSA Direct Borrower Certification:  The AGAware® Full Workshop is certified in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina for USDA’s FSA Direct Borrower Education Certification. FSA Direct Borrower Education Certification is the education required by USDA FSA Direct Loan Borrowers within two years of obtaining a FSA Direct Loan or in advance of obtaining this type loan from FSA. The FSA Direct loans option is a lending resource provided by USDA that is an option when other sources of credit are not available and is at a very reasonable interest rate. FSA Direct Borrowers are required to be graduated to other lenders eventually as the operation sees success. AgSouth offers this Certification program through AGAware in order to give an opportunity to move to Farm Credit eventually if eligibility and credit requirements are met.


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