Please review announcement regarding the latest coronavirus update as of 12/10/2020.  
We are currently open but operating with limited on-site staff. 

Annual Stockholders Meeting Information

2021 Annual Meeting 

This year's Annual Meeting will be held Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at one p.m. in Statesboro, Georgia. Eligible stockholders will be mailed a ballot to participate in the cooperative process directly from their homes. Participation/attendance in the meeting is not required to vote. 

2021 Director Candidate Information 

Prior to the Annual Meeting, members will be mailed information on the Director candidates in an Annual Meeting Information Statement.  The Annual Meeting Information Statement will also be posted to this website. You can view the 2020 Annual Meeting Information Statement and 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes below.

Click here for the Annual Meeting Information Statement 

Click here for the 2020 Minutes of the Annual Stockholder Meeting



For questions or more information about the Annual Meeting contact Bob Mikell at 912.764.9091.