Life Insurance

Is your family protected?

As an AgSouth Farm Credit member, protect your family and/or cosigners by ensuring your operation can continue and your financial obligations are met in the event of tragedy.

Term life insurance

As an AgSouth Farm Credit member, you have the opportunity to purchase term life insurance. Term life insurance is the most straightforward form of protection. Generally, you pay a premium on a monthly or annual basis, and your family is protected for the length of that term.

Term life insurance is typically used to cover your family's loss of income, short-term debts and needs, college tuition payments for your children, mortgage payments or funding for a spousal survivor benefit. Different plans with different renewal terms are offered at competitive rates. This way, you choose the product that meets your individual needs. Each policy is individually underwritten and the amount of coverage does not decrease.

Credit life insurance

If you’re like many business owners, you’ve probably insured your cars, trucks, boats, equipment or buildings, but not your most valuable asset – you, and your ability to run your business and produce income. A credit life insurance policy protects dependents (or loan cosigners) from the financial burden of outstanding debt. Credit life insurance pays off the policy owner's insured loans immediately and provides peace of mind.

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