Spotlight: Luke Weavil

Name: Luke Weavil
Hometown: Kernersville, N.C.
Size of Operation: 9 saw mills
Years in Business: 57
Years Working with Farm Credit: 6+

Luke Weavil is co-owner of Weavil Farms in Kernersville, North Carolina, where he farms with his father Tim and brother Jake. Luke’s grandfather purchased the initial farm in 1963, and the operation has been growing ever since.

The Weavils appreciate the flexibility that Farm Credit offers. “Our operating loan allows us to cover a lot of expenses throughout the growing season without having to deplete what we have saved.

Weavil farms faces the same obstacles that many small operations face. “In smaller scaled operations like ours, we have to focus on high value crops to be able to thrive, but when you’re talking high value, you’re also talking high input. We have to have an operating loan that can carry the bulk of that cost.”