Spotlight: Oak Valley Sawmill

Name: Michael Wang and Jimmy Li
Hometown: Charlotte, N.C.
Size of Operation: 9 saw mills
Years in Business: 17
Years Working with Farm Credit: 10+

Michael Wang and Jimmy Li of Charlotte North Carolina, own and operate 9 sawmills and kilns across the Southeast, including several in North Carolina.

“Farm Credit sat down with us and tried to understand our objective and analyze our business and eventually provided loan solutions for us.”

“The timber business is the type of business that if you have a little money, you can do a little business, but if you have a lot of money you can do a lot of business.  Now with the help of Farm Credit we are able to do something bigger than ourselves.”

Jimmy likens their relations ship with Farm Credit to that of a good neighbor. “Working with Farm Credit is like working with your neighbor.  The bankers are very down to Earth, and we could understand them more than other banks, and they could understand us more than other banks.”