Farm Credit is Here to Serve Farmers and Agribusiness

Farm Credit, a nationwide system of agricultural lending cooperatives, has been supporting farmers, agribusiness, and rural America for a century with reliable credit and more.

What began in 1916 as a funding source for farmers who didn’t have a consistent resource of credit to produce their crops has grown into a multifaceted system that provides not only financing for farmers, but also for agribusiness and rural America. Farm Credit associations also offer related services like leasing, crop and life insurance, appraisal services, and training and educational programs for young and beginning farmers, minority farmers, and veteran farmers.

Farm Credit offers loans designed especially for full and part-time farmers and agribusinesses, all at competitive rates and payments that coincide with your income stream. Because its focus is helping rural America grow, Farm Credit is a solid source for all of your agricultural lending needs.

Farm Credit provides financing for:

  • Land purchases
  • Farm & land improvements
  • Home construction & purchases
  • Production agriculture
  • Operating expenses
  • Equipment
  • Buildings
  • Livestock
  • Living expenses

As a cooperative system, Farm Credit returns its profits to its members each year in the form of patronage. Patronage is based on the annual profits of each Farm Credit Association and thus varies, but the benefits the profit sharing program has to its members is significant. This year the AgFirst Farm Credit District, which serves 15 states, including the Carolinas, Alabama and Florida, returned nearly $163 million in cash to its customers from 2016 profits. This return of profits effectively reduces a member’s cost of borrowing.

You’re in good hands with Farm Credit. Farm Credit employees have a deep understanding of agriculture in their areas. Additionally, many Association employees have hands-on ag experience and share a passion for rural living with their customers. This expertise enables them to understand the industry sectors they finance and provide financial products tailored to meet your individual financial needs.

Farm Credit was founded to be there for agriculture through good times and bad, through fluctuating economic cycles and environmental catastrophes. They’ve done just that, and in the process brought an unmatched depth of expertise to the industries and areas they serve.