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You Can Now Enjoy Craft Beer Made With South Carolina Grown Malt

Palmetto Malt – South Carolina’s first-ever malt house – is taking local craft beer to a whole new level. Read how AgSouth member Jared Weathers made his novel idea a reality.
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Cultivation & Conservation: Can Technology Help Conserve Water?

Southeast Georgia farmers David Cromley, JD Newton, and Ryne Brannen each farm cotton and peanuts with their families.
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Cultivation & Conservation: What Is Sustainability?

All in their 30s, these farmers are driven to grow the highest quality crops they can, in an environmentally conscious way, that is also sustainable.
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Farm Loans: What You Need to Know

Farmers are unique compared to other business owners. Here's what you need to know when looking to obtain credit.
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What Is The Future Of Your Farm Ownership?

Succession planning may not be the most exciting thing your family has ever done together, but it may be one of the most important.
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Veteran Marine Corps Aviator Pursues Dream of Farming in Orangeburg, South Carolina

From Dillon County, South Carolina to Vietnam and beyond. Learn how this Marine Corps Aviator Veteran made his dream of flying and farming come true.
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Record Keeping Can Help Make Your Farm Successful Now

While record-keeping may not be the most fulfilling part of your job as a farmer, it is one of the most beneficial and essential tasks you will do for your operation.
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Water Irrigation and Agriculture

We interviewed two Georgia farmers about how they use water and answer commonly asked questions about the environment & more.
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Understanding Farm Financials Part 2

Understanding the business side of farming can be hard. In this article, we talk about the ratios that tell the story of how financially healthy your farm is.
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Understanding Farm Financials Part 1

Whether you’re coming back to the family farm or starting up your own operation, understanding the business side of farming can be hard.
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