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Learn how this Greenville, South Carolina home builder worked together with AgSouth Mortgages Originator, Brandt Stone, to build a a happy customer base.

*This article is featured in the Home Builders Association of South Carolina Newsletter.

Home Builder Builds Relationships with AgSouth Mortgages

In our last article, we discussed our unique draw process at AgSouth Mortgages.
For our final article in this series, we wanted you to hear from one of your own what it’s really like working with AgSouth Mortgages. We sat down with Blake Hodnett, owner of Southern Design Builders out of Greenville, South Carolina, to discuss what it’s really like working with us.
AgSouth: What do you specialize in and who are your customers?
Blake: Our customers are those who want to build on their land or lot with a customized floor plan.
AgSouth: As a contractor, why did you choose to work with AgSouth Mortgages? 
Blake: They have excellent construction loan products and communication to our customers. The down payments are typically lower, they have higher LTV’s and their construction rates and term are better for our customers.
AgSouth: Specifically, what was the best thing about our products and service?
Blake: Most often than not, they have only 5% down payment on new construction and there are no seasoning requirements of land being owned (*).  This means our customers can use the equity in their land as their down payment even if they’ve only owned their land for one day.
AgSouth: How do we compare to other lenders you’ve worked with? 
Blake: You guys really are second to none. Communication is paramount with our company, so we look for companies we work with to provide the same level of intensity in that area. AgSouth Mortgages excels at this.
AgSouth: What results did you achieve by using our product and services? 
Blake: More construction closings for us and our homeowners are happier and well-informed.
AgSouth: Can you talk a little about and describe the construction process while working with AgSouth?  
Blake: I’ve always believed that “a well-informed customer is a happy customer” and that’s what our customers get when working with AgSouth. AgSouth prequalifies and qualifies our customers in the initial phase and explains exactly how the process works.  I email the signed contract, plans, and specs to the loan originator and he informs me when the closing date is scheduled. 
One beneficial element that AgSouth provides us is a “Soft Closing Draw”; which allows us the ability to schedule grading, clearing, and foundation way ahead of schedule and pay our subcontractors faster on the initial work provided. On all future draws, and once the work has been completed throughout the build process, we order an inspection and usually receive the inspection report and wired funds within 4-5 business days (*). This allows us to pay our subcontractors and suppliers in a rapid manner and keeps them happy.
AgSouth: Why do you continue to refer business to AgSouth Mortgages?
Blake: Brandt Stone, out of the Laurens, South Carolina branch, makes every construction loan we work with him on, personal.  His outstanding character and competence excels, and he always keeps lines of communication open with us and our customers. We trust him and always look forward to anytime we have the pleasure of working with him.
*Rates and loan product requirements are subject to change.

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