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Construction to Permanent FAQs

The Best Answers to Your Construction to Permanent Loan Questions

Building your home can be stressful. AgSouth Mortgages can finance your land and construction and save you money with a one-time closing. We go over answers to commonly asked questions about our Conventional Construction to Permanent Loan Program.
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Increase Your Home Value Now with These Top 5 Upgrades

Wonder what improvements can add the most value to your home? We talked with a certified general appraiser to discuss the best (and smartest) upgrades you can make to your home that add value. 
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4 Ways Your Local Extension Agent Can Help You

Most people have heard of Extension, but may not know what services are offered and who can benefit from them. Extension Agents have been serving rural communities for over a hundred years, and their work is just as important now as it was then. Learn how you can use your local extension agent.
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Spotlight: Apple Wedge Packers & Cider

Right in the middle of apple country in Hendersonville, NC, sits one of the largest shippers of fresh apples and the largest fresh apple packer in the state: Apple Wedge Packers. Led by founder Greg

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Spotlight: Appalachian Christmas Mountain

Christmas is a year-round effort at Appalachian Christmas Mountain (ACM), where four partners have joined forces in a 100-acre Christmas tree farm.
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Spotlight: Metrolina Greenhouses

Anyone who’s ever tended a garden knows that plants need a lot of water, especially flowering plants. That’s why water is especially important at family-owned Metrolina Greenhouses, which produces

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Spotlight: Hickory Nut Gap Farm

When 4th generation farmer Jamie Ager walks his pastures, he’s literally stepping in his forefathers’ footsteps on land his family has owned since 1916. That’s a strong incentive to maintain and

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Poultry Farmer Z Kam In Front of His Chicken Houses

How Hard Work Made This Refugee a Poultry Farmer

"It was time to seek freedom and liberty." Read the story of how a Burmese pastor became a poultry farmer.
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10 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Land

Buying land is a big purchase! It is important to make sure the land you are buying is your dream property. Ask yourself these 10 questions before you make your offer!
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Cultivation & Conservation Keeping Soils Healthy

Cultivation & Conservation: Keeping Soils Healthy

Southeast Georgia farmers David Cromley, JD Newton, and Ryne Brannen each farm cotton and peanuts with their families. All in their 30’s, these young farmers are driven to grow the highest quality crops they can, in an environmentally conscious way, that is also sustainable for their farm business to pass down to another generation of farmers. Hear their conversation about how important it is they keep their soil healthy for their farms.
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south carolina malt

You Can Now Enjoy Craft Beer Made With South Carolina Grown Malt

Palmetto Malt – South Carolina’s first-ever malt house – is taking local craft beer to a whole new level. Read how AgSouth member Jared Weathers made his novel idea a reality.
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4 things to know about country home loans.

Interested in a Country Home? Here are 4 Things to Know About Financing

Buying a home with acreage is a huge investment and we want you to be as comfortable and happy about the loan process as possible.
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6 things to know before you buy a country home.

Interested in a Country Home? Here are 6 Things to Know Before You Buy

Does living out in the country sound like a dream? Here are 6 things you need to know before you buy a country home with acreage.
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3 men sitting together talking

Cultivation & Conservation: Can Technology Help Conserve Water?

Southeast Georgia farmers David Cromley, JD Newton, and Ryne Brannen each farm cotton and peanuts with their families.
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Well-manicured lawn in front of rural home

Home Builders: Build Relationships

Southern Design Builders out of Greenville, South Carolina worked together with AgSouth Mortgages Originator Brandt Stone to build up a happy customer base.
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