Couple wearing "MJ's Gardens and Recreation Area" t-shirts with an arm around each other's waists

Active Military Couple Hobby Farms Near Columbia, South Carolina

MJ's Garden and Recreation Area is simply "a little garden or two and a place to hang out" according to Mike and Jess. Read their inspiration for their small blueberry farm here.
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Buy or Build: Here are 6 Questions to Help You Decide

We've created a handy flowchart and article discussing the questions you should ask yourself when deciding to buy or build.
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Joseph Branch

Joseph Branch Joins AgSouth Farm Credit in Greenville, Georgia

GREENVILLE, GA. (July 31, 2019): AgSouth Farm Credit Regional Business Development Manager Nick Martin announced that Joseph Branch has joined the Greenville, Georgia, office as a loan officer trainee.
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What is Earnest Money?

Guest blogger National Land Reality discusses earnest money and if there is a difference between earnest money for home purchases compared to land purchases.
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A white house on green acreage

Land for Sale by Carter Group Real Estate

Don't miss out on these properties for sale in Georgia by guest blogger Carter Group Real Estate. Includes a beautiful home plus a workshop, a farm with pecan trees and pastures, and cultivated land.
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Mortgage Terminology Explained

Confused on all of the mortgage lingo? Here's a list of common mortgage terms explained!
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Ken and LeighAnn sitting on a large piece of digging equipment

Inside Look at the Home Construction Process

Follow along as AgSouth members, Ken and LeighAnn, document their home construction journey from finding the perfect property to building their dream home.
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White man and woman farming tomatoes with the headline "You can grow but are you really growing?"

2019 AgSouth AGAware® Workshop Dates

Join us for AGAware® - the national award-winning farm finance workshop geared at helping future farmers maintain financial stability so they can continue doing what they love.
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For Sale sign

How to Sell Your Property Fast

Property not selling as quickly as you'd like? Our guest Blogger, National Land Realty, gives three helpful tips to get your property sold faster!
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Loan application, pen, glasses, and calculator

How to Improve Your Credit Score

Improve your credit score for big purchases using these tips!
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Stand of tall trees

Land for Sale by Compass South

Don't miss out on these properties for sale in South Carolina by guest blogger Compass South Land Sales. Includes a duck preserve, a traditional horse farm, and three plantations!
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Man standing with a herd of cows

A Century Farm in Mountville, South Carolina

What does it take to become a Century Farm in Mountville, South Carolina? The answer might be different than you think.
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What Does My Credit Score Mean?

Learn how your score is calculated, what factors go in to your credit history, and how to use that information to your advantage.
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Grassy land with a pond and scattered trees

You Just Bought Land: Now What?

What should you do after you purchase land? Guest blog contributor National Land Realty offers this helpful checklist.
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Rocky creek lined with trees on both sides

Land for Sale by Southern Land Exchange

Don't miss out on these properties for sale in Morgan County, Georgia by guest blogger Southern Land Exchange, LLC. Includes recreational land, a beautiful river tract, and timberland.
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