How to Get a Land Loan and What to Expect

How do you get a land loan and what should you expect? We go over the land loan timeline and process so you can be prepared.
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Land Loan FAQs: Why are Land Loan Rates Higher Than Home Mortgages?

Land Loan interest rates are higher than home mortgage rates. Ever wonder why? We go over the answer and more on our blog.
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Land Loan FAQs: What are Your Land Loan Options?

What kind of land loans do we offer and what sets us apart from our competition? We offer long term fixed rate land loans.
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6 Things to Know Before You Build

If you're ready to build your dream home, check out these 6 things you should know before you get started.
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Water Irrigation and Agriculture

We interviewed two Georgia farmers about how they use water and answer commonly asked questions about the environment & more.
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Land Loan FAQs: What are Current Interest Rates?

In our latest AgSouth blog post, we discuss one of our most frequently-asked questions: What are current interest rates?
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Understanding Farm Financials Part 2

Understanding the business side of farming can be hard. In this article, we talk about the ratios that tell the story of how financially healthy your farm is.
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Understanding Farm Financials Part 1

Whether you’re coming back to the family farm or starting up your own operation, understanding the business side of farming can be hard.
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Land Loans: Forming Legal Business Entities to Purchase Land

If you're thinking of forming a business entity to buy land, we've compiled a comparison list to help you decide.
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Your Guide to the Loan Process

Anyone seeking a loan wants the process to go smoothly. After all, it can be a bit intimidating, particularly when you have to share personal and business financial information.
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Spotlight: Carmen Huffman

Growing up on a tobacco farm and vegetable garden, Carmen Huffman knew that she wanted to stay and work on her family farm in Iredell County.
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Spotlight: Bonnie Griffin

In 2008, Bonnie Griffin decided to take the biggest risk of her life and leave her teaching position to purchase a piece of property 30 minutes outside of Charlotte, NC.
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Land Loans: Understanding Closing Costs

Land Loans: Understanding Closing Costs

Whether you’re new to borrowing or just need a refresh on closing costs, you may want to know what to expect throughout the process. We're here to help!
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Buying Timberland: Cash or Finance?

The Farm Credit Assocations of Georgia discuss the pros and cons of paying cash or financing your next big timber purchase.
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Understanding the Underwriting Process: The 5 Cs of Credit

One of the first things all lenders learn and use to make loan decisions are the “Five C's of Credit : Character, Conditions, Capital, Capacity, and Collateral."
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