Couple in front of barn

Pasture to Pantry Operation in Walterboro, South Carolina

Learn how this SC couple adapted their childhood farm dream in the midst of disaster and how they continue to welcome change in their organic farming operation.
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Patronage: A Cooperative Benefit

What is patronage and how is it determined at AgSouth?
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Spotlight: Justin & Holly Miller

“Farm Credit helped us as beginning farmers with limited resources to establish some of the infrastructure we needed to get started," say the Millers of Cherry Hill Farm.
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Spotlight: Pat Gaskin

Pat is the owner of Laurel Springs Nursery in Laurel Springs, North Carolina. For over 40 years, the farm has grown Christmas trees.
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Spotlight: Michael Everhart

From an early age, Michael Everhart, has wanted to carry out his passion for agriculture and to be a farmer.
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Spotlight: Kathleen Deringer

Kathleen Deringer’s country mortgage made a dream come true. “It’s been a lifelong dream to have a house on land where I could have my horses right behind me.”
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Spotlight: Oak Valley Sawmill

Michael Wang and Jimmy Li of Charlotte North Carolina, own and operate 9 sawmills and kilns across the Southeast, including several in North Carolina.
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Spotlight: North River Farms

Jason Davis of North River Farms in Mills River, North Carolina, has packed a lot into 20 years of farming.
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Spotlight: Jeff Crotts

Nestled in the foothills of North Carolina sits Knob Creek Orchard, owned and operated by Jeff Crotts.
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Spotlight: Amy Howard

The Howard Family has been working with Farm Credit from the very beginning. “If it wasn’t for Farm Credit, things wouldn’t get planted in the field every year."
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