Grassy land with a pond and scattered trees

You Just Bought Land: Now What?

What should you do after you purchase land? Guest blog contributor National Land Realty offers this helpful checklist.
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How Leasing Can Help Your Farm

From tractors, to cotton bailers, or even a barn - leasing can be a solution for agricultural producers, agribusinesses and more.
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AgSouth Mortgage Tips for First-Time Home Buyers

By AgSouth Farm Credit | From credit scores to down payments, we discuss six things all first-time home buyers should consider before making their purchase.
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Mike and Donna Collins stand at a fence looking at a herd of cows

Faith and Farming in Cobbtown, Georgia

It took 20 years of hard work, consistency, and faith to make the Collins Family Farm in Cobbtown, Georgia what it is today.
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12 Lessons of the Barn

Long-time AgSouth Farm Credit members Dr. James and Janet Woodard of Madison, Georgia are the proud parents of Will Woodard, who presented this speech at the Georgia Junior Livestock Show Banquet earlier this year.
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Mary Guynn holds her dog in the entrance to a horse barn

Equestrian Dream in Aiken, South Carolina

"We did it on love, hope, and faith." - Mary Guynn, Aiken, South Carolina
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What is a Timber Cruise?

Timber cruises are performed by consulting registered professionals who have been extensively trained in the timber field to determine the characteristics of forest stands in preparation for sales.
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Top 5 Best Practices in Making Your First Land Purchase

Owning your own land is something you’ve always aspired to do. Now that you think you are ready to move forward, follow these steps to make your first investment positive, secure and stress-free.
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Rate Shopping? Be sure to compare Apples to Apples

5.3% on a 20-year Term with a 3-year Balloon. 6.2% fixed rate on a 20-year Term. Although you might initially consider only the interest rate, what does "Fixed Rate" or " Balloon" really mean?
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Buying Land: Should You Pay Cash or Finance?

Land – it’s one of only a few assets that holds value and appreciates over time. And while your investment grows, you can enjoy its benefits.
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Causes of Farm & Ranch Failure

The following overview deals with the most frequent characteristics of farmers who have failed or experienced financial trouble.
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Leasing Options: Vehicles & Farm Equipment, Part 2

Today, leasing is much more user-friendly and has attractive tax benefits. Often, it offers a path to ownership that may make more sense than an outright loan, depending on circumstances.
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Farmland: Is it still a good investment?

Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so. – Genesis 1:11
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AgSouth Coop

Seven Principles of a Cooperative

What does it mean to be part of a cooperative? We go over the principles all cooperatives follow and benefits of becoming a member of AgSouth Farm Credit. 
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Land Loan Considerations

Nothing could be finer than owning a piece of land in Carolina! If you have your sights set on the perfect acreage, make sure you do your homework.
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