Spotlight: Scott "JD" Sink

Most people rarely find the time to balance the work of farm life and family life. Scott “JD” Sink has managed to master the art of balancing farm life, family life, and a full time career as well. 
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Man, woman and baby sitting on a front porch step

Home Loan: How to Get Started

Do you feel like you're finally ready to buy your first home? Here's how to get started!
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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Closing a Land, Farm or Home Loan

Lenders see your application as an ongoing process and take in to account everything you do up until you sign your closing papers. Avoid these common mistakes to close your loan quickly!
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Do I Need a Realtor to Sell My Property?

Our friends at National Land Realty give us 3 reasons why you need a land professional to help you sell your property.
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Flooded farmland

Crop Insurance Explained

We explain how crop insurance works and why it's important.
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How Lenders Use Your Credit Score and Credit History

What is a good credit score and how does a lender learn about your credit history? We will break that down into two parts.
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3 Ways to Stick to Your Budget

Need help sticking to your budget? Here are 3 tips!
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Fenced pasture with trees in the background

What is a Broker's Price Opinion?

Guest Blogger National Land Realty discusses the definition of a BPO, how it's different than an appraisal and what it includes.
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Woman with a baby on her hip petting a cow's head

Family Farm in Aiken, South Carolina

Acre by acre, the Cushmans made their farm uniquely their own with hardwork and patience.
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Sampson Parker's Epic Survival Story

After having to cut off his arm to free himself from a corn picker that had caught fire, Sampson Parker managed to get to his truck and drive to the nearest highway to summon help. Having to pull his truck into the middle of the highway, he told God he’d done everything he could and it was in God’s hands now.
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Pine trees

The Cost of Not Replanting Timberland

Take care of your timberland investment. Guest Blogger Ryan McCue discusses the importance of replanting your timberland after a harvest.
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Dirt road cutting through grassy land

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Land Right Now

Interest rates have dropped and Guest Blogger Carter Group Real Estate is giving 5 reasons why you should buy land right now.
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Couple wearing "MJ's Gardens and Recreation Area" t-shirts with an arm around each other's waists

Active Military Couple Hobby Farms Near Columbia, South Carolina

MJ's Garden and Recreation Area is simply "a little garden or two and a place to hang out" according to Mike and Jess. Read their inspiration for their small blueberry farm here.
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Buy or Build: Here are 6 Questions to Help You Decide

We've created a handy flowchart and article discussing the questions you should ask yourself when deciding to buy or build.
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What is Earnest Money?

Guest blogger National Land Reality discusses earnest money and if there is a difference between earnest money for home purchases compared to land purchases.
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